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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
NadalAgassi, You are very brave in rating some of Federer's strokes as non-super. I agree.
except that :

a) he does that in half of his posts
b) what he said is pure cr*p ....... comparing an at his best hoad with average federer

a 7/10 may be fair enough for federer's volleys on an average, I'd put it at 7.5 ..... I'd put his BH and return on an average much higher than 7/10, closer to 8.5 ...

most importantly, his BH can be suspect against high balls , may be inconsistent at times, his return can be a bit passive at times, his volleys sloppy at times, especially FH volleys ...... but this is an average playing federer ....

at his very best, his volleys, BH and return, all are excellent and none of them a weakness ......

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