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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Yep, that title will be the epitome of Nadal's 2013; "broken record". Nadal's 2013 will be all about history and breaking records. Imagine how embarrassing it would be by the time we get to post-Wimbledon, if Nadal will have won AustralianOpen2013, RolandGarros2013, and Wimbledon2013 and STILL not be #1 in the world. Because that's what Nadal is about, WINNING and breaking the big records. I don't think having the record for total weeks at #1 is that important, especially when someone like Wozniacki can get a significant amount of weeks at #1. All that matters is that Nadal has been there for a significant amount of time, but he doesn't need the record to be called the greatest. Whereas federer needs all the records he can get his hands on to try to retain that title...

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