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Originally Posted by Graphiteking View Post
The question speaks for itself. Men's and Women's. At the height of their careers out of all the players, who would win? One match, on hardcourt. Men's winner? Women's winner?
Regarding just the question which says HC only. Federer and Serena are my picks.

But if I was to go surface by surface (men only), I would say something like this:

Clay: Nadal
Fast grass: Sampras
Slow grass: Federer
Slow HC: i.e (since they turned the AO blue, I would say that Miami and Canada have always been pretty slow as well) Djokovic
Medium to fast HC: Federer
Indoor HC: McEnroe
Carpet: McEnroe

Please keep in mind that I'm trying not to pick 2 or 3 players for each surface because I hate that, and I think it totally takes away from the purpose of the question.

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