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[QUOTE=dizzlmcwizzl;7056149]My experience in 3.5 is that you had a huge range in age and skill .... The ability to volley is a marker of someone that is moving one way or another.

3.5 and moving up: These guys are younger, and make up for a lack of skill through athleticism ... these guys may throw in a serve and volley occasionally but lack the skill to do this successfully more than a couple times a match. Most hit hard and hope for weak replies to step into. When they develop the patience and skill to S&V they are moved up to 4.0.

Former 4.0s moving down to 3.5. These guys are mostly seniors that have had their movement diminished with age. You wont see them play singles but they will kill you in doubles because they actually know how to volley consistently into the court and have a basic understanding of how to play doubles.

What Dizz said..

Either falling 4.0's with limited mobility who humor me by playing some singles because they just beat up on me in dubs or athletes with either an obvious FH or BH weakness.

Both know that if they stay on the baseline I'll pick them apart unless they start making horrific calls.
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