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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
what is different now´is that the top100 strokes now all look virtually identical (apart from nadal maybe with his finish) because other strokes just cannot compete anymore.
I'd say, if graphite rackets were available 100 years ago, them classic players would be playing the same way in the top100 as today.

there is really nothing technically 'modern'... it's not rocket science to figure out that swinging across the ball provides more control and therefore allow the player to take a bigger cut.

however, I'd say there are still plenty of varieties in the top100 men... tomic, stepanek, and the retired santoro... they look more uniform now because of the condition - modern rackets, strings, and the fact that the surfaces are more uniform.

if we had faster grass and indoor surfaces, flatter/ linear strokes will come back, because these naturally lead player to the net, not sideways/backwards.
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