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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Ok, hope that happens some day.

I certainly agree with this. No substitute for concentrated court time. Just get out and WORK on stuff. It's really amazing what that can do for a person's game.

What do you think of this?:
First, I live in Seattle, so I'd LOVE to come to Florida, I used to live in Southern Cal, so it's much better playing in your weather than what I call "Water Tennis"! Plus you are a scientist, I'm fascinated by science, but I'm sure we'll never get down there, come up here and let's see how you do on the water!

Listening to your video I'm making notes, I disagree with his supposition, that is that sheer will of body can't make you play well, I don't believe that, I believe it's mental. As he's going on I agree totally, after I make a great play it's like "I did that"? I'm not thinking per se as I'm doing it. A guy interviewed Federer right after he destroyed this guy and he said "How did you do it, were you in what we call the zone", Federer said "I have no idea, I'd have to see the tape, I'm amazed myself". Same deal with boxers, after Leonard knocked out Ayub Kalu, I forget his name, but it was a beautiful three punch combination, they asked him about it and he said "I don't know what I did, I'd have to see the tape".

I believe Tennis is 100% mental, the mind see's pictures of other players, whether on TV or on court, it brings the body into the game, I mean when you are really doing well do you say to yourself as your opponent jams it over "Well I'm going to cut across the ball and hold my racquet just like this", or do you just do it?

John Wooden was a great basketball coach for I think it was UCLA. He'd have his team come out and shoot free throws, only thing is that they didn't use balls, they visualized the ball swishing each time. Well once he put a ball in their hands their free throws went way up. Same deal with Tennis, take a break and just watch Tennis, go back and you'll play better, because it's your brain taking over, then you will go back into making the same mistakes as before.

Recently at one of my sons tournaments, my friend and I just watched, it went on and on, so frustrating, they all played poor, I wanted to play SO BAD, I was just visualizing playing, when the tourney was over I grabbed a coach, man I felt unbeatable, every shot was PERFECT, EVERY ONE, I couldn't miss, I was so tired I almost passed out. That's visualization, I'm a big believer in it.

Yea that is a good video, getting 100 corrections hurts, doesn't help, same deal when you are playing, if aware of what you are doing you are thinking, and if thinking you aren't reacting, and if not reacting you are making mistakes. For example if I'm down game point, missed my first serve, I might think "Don't miss this", I have to wait until I clear my mind and just DO IT. If I think "If I miss this serve I lose", I will miss, guaranteed, so I have to do it.

You know I, until I started training my son and came on this forum NEVER THOUGHT about technique or what I do, I like I said always just played, when I tried to teach my son how to serve I didn't even know how I did it, I had to serve a few times and observe what I was doing.
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