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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
As far as meniscus surgery, I've had a few - along with other knee surgeries. Each case is different.

...and take Condroitin and Glucosamine.

...I tore cartilage in my shoulder in January (I knew exactly what it was because I had heard that sound in my knee before).

... I didn't even go to the doctor because I would rather not be able to serve than have another operation.
More hard earned wisdom there from NLBwell--try to stay away from white coats with knives in their hands. Do the pre and post-op PT, take the morphine and percodan--just avoid the surgery unless you're unconscious.

Part II: Read books by Dr. John E. Sarno about the relationship of stress and injuries--they are like a bad marriage--and usually caused by bad marriages--with or without the license.

Sorry, got to disagree on the glucosamine chondroitin, taken barrels of it myself and the definitive studies show it's placebo--but Costco sells a lot of it anyway.

A lot of those snap, crackle, pop sounds coming from joints and other terrible sounds emanating from the body, are scary but not that bad. The body is tough, it takes a lot to tear it apart. Do some reflection on the 90 second change overs before freaking out--read a good book like Courier.
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