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Originally Posted by 6-1 6-3 6-0 View Post
Imagine how embarrassing it would be by the time we get to post-Wimbledon, if Nadal will have won AustralianOpen2013,
We still don't know if he will play in AO, and you talk about winning the title?

What Nadal needs for a title in AO2013?

Easy draw to the semi finals

Federer in the semifinals

In the second semi-final Murray and Djokovic to destroy each other in a match that will last for ten hours, because obviously five hours this year was not enough for Nadal!

Doesn't sound very possible!
''Laying awake in bed last night, I realized that in Federer's last 4 losses in Grand Slams, he has won a grand total of 1 set.'' - McEnroeisanartist
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