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From those videos I see why my girl's coaches have made us swear not to take tournament results and rankings serious until the 14s at the earliest. Instead focus on development.

You can see what happens when they start competing before they have good serves and don't have sound ground strokes with proper net clearance. Its weird how girl's 12s tennis looks so different than 'real' tennis compared to the boy's 12s.

Its strange because many times the girls are physically and mentally advanced vs the boys their age at 11-12. In practice we have girls that age who can play with or beat the boys. But for whatever reason when they compete with each other in structured tournaments, the girl's look awful compared to the boys.

For long term development seems like you would be better off having girls play vs college players or boys their age rather than waste time playing the structured girl's 12s.
I read somewhere that they (both) didn't hold their serve until it was 5-5. It's almost in complete reverse with men's tennis.

But man, they can pound it from the baseline. Props to them.
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