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Originally Posted by batz View Post
That said, I'm not letting what happens in warm up events make me worry about his AO chances. He lost to Mahut and Troicki before Wimbledon and Chardy before the USO - they turned out OK.
I kinda thought he would be raring to go with all the training he's been doing in Miami lately. There was evidently no sign of it in Abu Dhabi so I will be watching how he gets on in Brisbane rather nervously now. I take your point about his pre-Wimby and pre-USO slumps. Still, I'd far rather he went into the AO with some wins behind him. He usually starts off the season well. I hope this year isn't going to be an exception!

I don't suppose i'm ever going to be able to relax and feel confident about his form am I? I really do envy Fed and Djoko fans in this regard!
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