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A tennis coach should know all the details, and not really the player. That's why when you ask a top players certain questions they give vague answers. Reference points, cues, feelings etc and hours upon hours of training, on court and off. The coach behind the scenes knows exactly whats going on, and breaks it down into simple terms for his player to understand, especially when things are going well. However, there are lots of times where you need deeper analysis, especially when changing technique or correcting flaws. In that case, pictures speak a thousand words and video analysis is priceless. High speed video is even more valuable because the human eye misses many important factors at normal speeds. We only see at what? 30fps? That's pretty dismal
I propose another topic for this forum. "Ballin with the Balla" is various ideas or tips from the "tennis balla" from the trenches of high performances tennis coaching. Live from Europe. Any observations of the international tennis climate as it applies to high level player coaching. From specific training trends to technical stroke philosophies.
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