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yeah , ok >> go tell that to Dan Lobb, half of his posts say hoad had a leg injury, hand injury, head injury, problem with breathing ..... blah blah blah ...... blah blah blah ....... blah blah blah ...
But despite the excuses that some make for Hoad the man was known for great stamina. But he was also known for a chronic back injury that apparently did not allow him to fulfill his potential. Federer's stamina to me is underrated. He rarely seems tired to me and he is generally injury free. For fitness it's clearly Federer because he is almost never injured. For stamina, I'm not sure because many think Hoad's stamina was the best ever, along with Roy Emerson. It could be the hero worship of Hoad by his compatriots but maybe it is true. Even Jack Kramer thought Hoad's stamina was incredible.

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