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Default Volkl Cyclone Tour Playtest

First off, thanks again to TW and Volkl for letting me participate in the playtest!

Gauge of playtest string: 17g

Tension used for playtest. 52 pounds on both mains and crosses.

Regular string set up. Generally Donnay X-Hybrid polyester mains at 50 pounds and synthetic crosses at 55 pounds.

Racquet brand and model used for test: Donnay Pro One 97 18x20

Power of test string. Extremely powerful. Was like a rocket launcher on serves and groundies

Feel. Had nice feel, especially at the net. Definitely feels softer than most full poly set ups that I have used in the past.

Spin. Very good access to spin. My racquet and current setup are usually best for flat hitting baseliners like myself. I expected that this string would provide that level of spin based on the fact that it is shaped and twisted string. Back hand slice and drop shots were especially effective in this department.

Comfort. Very good. This is a very comfortable poly string and felt surprisingly comfortable compared to my usual hybrid setup.

Durability. Average. After about 5 hours of agressive play, the twisted ridges on the string are beginning to flatten in some spots, and there is noticeable tension loss.

Playability. Good for maybe 4 - 5 hours of agressive play before I began to notice a bit more loss of control and balls were flying long. With continued play there is a noticeable reduction in the level of spin due to the flattening of the twisted string.

Control. I had good control with this string for about 5 hours of play. In the first hour or two I was able to hit some serious bombs with this string especially on my first serves. Groundies were also powerful and controlled. As play time progressed I noticed diminished control when hitting all out. It still had good control at net but from the baseline the balls began to fly long.

Tension recommendations. I would probably take this string up another 3 or 4 pounds to 55 or 56 in both the mains and the crosses. The string feels comfortable enough as is and there would probably be an increased benefit on the control side. don't know where to go with this string.

Compare to the string you use most often. Cyclone Tour has good access to power and spin, reasonably close to my Donnay X Hybrid setup. However, the tension maintenance for me has been superior with my regular setup. I feel that I can get twice as much duration out of it. This Cyclone Tour string is extremely comfortable and has good access to spin as well until the twisted string wears out a bit. At that point it becomes much more difficult to control the ball. Overall, I think it is a good string, but the tension maintenance suffers much earlier on than expected.

If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare. I have not used the original Cyclone string.
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