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Originally Posted by bhallic24 View Post
Anyway, you're probably sick of hearing the weight thing. I can only imagine. So I'll comment in reply to something else: your camera.

Here's an idea. No money for a mount? Neither do I. Just follow these steps:

1: Put your Camera in a zip lock bag.
2: Cut a hole in that bag.
3. Make 'em open that bag. No J/K ... for some reason I got that song Dick in a Box stuck in my head now.

let's try again,
3. put a string through that hole. Now you can tie it up on that fence you got there.
That's a pretty good idea, haha. My only concern is that the quality of the video will be obscurred by the material of the plastic bag since it's only an phone camera. Maybe I'll make a makeshift mount that will hold my phone without blocking the lense and can still also be sercurely mounted to the fence.
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