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BB London Tour - played practice sets for 2 days. So far I am impressed how the LT felt, very maneuverable due to its lighter SW. Yes, you can feel the feedback from the ball due but not harsh (since I stung mine at 50lbs coupled with flexible frame ).

Compared LT to N90, BLX90, RDis 100 90 - LT SW is lighter and the frame flex makes it easier on the arm. Power, I'd say it favors N90, BLX90, RDIS90 (you don't need to swing faster to generate pace due to the heavier SW). However, LT allows you to swing faster which I found to be favorable especially when on the run and for playing longer match.

Control is good as expect for a dense pattern- its too early for me at this stage to give it a thumbs up.
Next stage to bring the LT to a match.
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