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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
We didn't do all that bad. Bong (yeah thats his name) is a legendary 4.5 GOAT.

I hadn't played in 5 months and we had epic young Fillipina 4.5 playing next to us and she saw me kiss my Basalt stick at her, she totally caught me blowing her PS 90 kisses. I was totally distracted. And with Jolly on the other court I was completely verklempt.

I had some epic forehands but I could barely serve at all. Except for a few aces. Backhand was a joak. Except for that one epic DTL return pass.

We did ok for never playing together well except that time in the bathroom.

Let me know if you guys wanna come again. They play every Saturday. I'm sure Jolly had fun. Bwagahaha.

4.0 Davis Cup team.

Funniest schit ever.
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