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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Chas Tennis,

Any experience with the Casio Exilim FC100/FC150? Found a few available locally. FH100s are pretty hard to find!

I have only used the Casio FH100 and Aiptek ActionHD.

This forum has had many discussions of cameras. I searched FC100 and FC150 and found replies in 5 threads.

I am very uncertain about camera specs from online sources unless I own the camera or see forum replies from reliable owners. You can download the full user's manuals from Casio and look for shutter speed in high speed video mode. Often this information is buried in the 'notes' as for the ZR cameras. You can also search youtube FC100 FC150 golf or tennis. For golf, find side views (not the behind view where the club head is going away) in bright sunlight only (with sharp shadows). If a camera's AUTO uses a faster shutter speed in bright sunlight it might do a nice job reducing motion blur. Look at the motion blur of the golf club head. Realize that the cameras in these videos are not often set to minimize motion blur.

I am uncertain whether some Casio FC cameras have an AUTO exposure control with shutter priority in high speed video mode. I don't trust some of the info on the golf site as people who don't use the cameras for HSV, myself included, sometimes see the still mode spec and assume it applies to the high speed video mode.

Any video camera and especially any high speed video camera will provide new information on your strokes that can't possibly be seen or felt. If the cost is reasonable give high speed video a try.

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