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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
You may be right about that, but I started at like 12 and never got injured aside from the typical scratches or falling down. In fact I've never been injured until this year at 38, and that is only because I guess time is catching up with me. I don't remember any kids on the team getting injured.

I wish everyone could start at 12 or younger, like most things I think it makes things easier, like when people say "Tennis is hard", I have no clue what that means, seems like I've always played so it's not hard.

Seems like when you are an adult and start, then it's hard. It's like computers, some things are difficult for me, but my son just does it like a second language, no problem. Something happens to people when we grow up I think, not sure why.
I am 56 yo and play with a variety of 4.5 females and 4.0-4.5 males. Most of us are between 35-65. Almost all the players 45 and older have had a significant injury from tennis. Several of these players played college level tennis. One of the players was a D1 all-American and he has had multiple knee surgeries. Tennis elbow is the most common, knee ACL and/or meniscus tears, ankle tendinitis, shoulder tendinitis and a variety of stains, pulls and tears are all very common. Most of these players use reasonably good technique and still suffer from over-use type injuries.

I play/practice 4-5 times a week but hard practice/play needs to be balanced with exercise (stretch and strengthen) and rest. Most hard core tennis players do a crappy job of rest because we are all a bit OCD additive about playing and tend to play too much and not rest enough in my view.

Anyhow, I have had 11 days off for the holidays and return to practice today.
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