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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
Does it ever go completely dead? I understand, poly loses playability over time, but would it affect natural gut mains that much?

20 hours with Mosquito Bite crosses would be excellent for me! Like $1.5 per hour for a stringbed. Anything extra is a bonus, unless it goes "completely dead" as you say.
For me, MB never went 'dead', or if it did, it wasn't in a bad way. It kept its great feel for at least 20 hours, then I stopped counting, and even let it sit dormant for a few months while trying other setups, and now using it again after those other tests came and went, and it still plays great; lively and comfy and still very controllable.

other notable tests:

MSV Co-focus 1.27 was also comfy, but after about 13 hours became too powerful. Focus Hex 1.23, on the other hand, felt lifeless after 5 hours and was never as soft.

Tourna BHB 17 went dead (stiff as a brick) in just 3 matches (about 4.5 hours). It was amazing when fresh though (like many usually are).

Lux ALU 16L seemed to last better than BHB, although stiffer to begin with, but held tension well for at least 9 hours, before control became erratic. There were a couple matches I couldn't seem to miss with this setup.

Currently testing Lux M2 1.25, definitely a softer offering from Luxilon, and enjoyable test so far. Great controlled power, nice spin, and responsive feedback.
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