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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
You don't say.

Blame it on the rain gods then, it still doesn't change anything.

And peak for peak Novak would beat him on slow & medium HC and roflstomp him on clay.

I do agree with that, Roddick's biggest career mistake was firing Gilbert and reverting to his junior defensive style play, in that sense I agree he underachieved because he didn't keep up with the playing style which has brought him most success.

He's a baseline controller.

FFS man, paragraphs, ever heard of them? Anyway, you also make your own luck, all that matters is the end result and Novak reached heights Roddick never did and never even potentially could have, that's not a knock on Roddick who was a terrific player but Novak is in a different league.
Novak is a pusher, just watch him play. He is in terrific physical condition and when he is one, he won't even miss shots on the run. That's why he is the best player of the last 2 years. However, this pushing style from novak would have got him nowhere in 03-04 because the courts were faster and they were way more big hitters who would have their good days when they would not be beaten by a pusher.
traditional TT lore: switch to a bigger frame, get a hotter girlfriend, hire Brad Gilbert, rush the net on every point , pump iron, credit to cucio.
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