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Federer`s backhand seems to be much underrated here. Being at his very best, his backhand only breaks down against Nadal on clay, even then he handles his heavy top spin almost better than anyone excluding Djokovic and Murray. The reason his backhand seems rather weak sometimes is because his court positioning, he plays standing on the baseline, he doesn`t camp 5 or 6 feet behind like Gasquet, Almagro or Wawrinka just to name other one handers commonly regarded as better than Fed`s. If you ever played tennis you would know that the hardest groudstroke to play by far is the backhand played off a heavy ball on the rise. It is even much more difficult to do it with a one hander. If Fed backed up just a little to give it more time to set up his backhand, his UE count would drop a lot and the perception regarding his backhand would be te one of a solid as a rock stroke. When Fed gets a surface with a low bounce like the WTF, just watch how he dismantles Nadal`s forehand like it is nothing. I always thought that the match up issue between the both of them is sometimes misguided. When you have such different styles like they have, who is favoured depends heavily on the conditions the match is played on, and who has the best skill set for those given conditions. And with today slow high bouncing surfaces we all know how that goes. You set regularly a match of this two on a faster low bouncing surface and all of a suddden Fed becomes a nightmare match up for Nadal because he wouldn`t have to resign an inch of court position to handle Rafa`s forehand (wich is the reason why Rafa`s forehand is so deadly).
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