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I ended up sending the head to Tennismachines and when it came back it worked better but I still had the same problem that with a bit of pressure I could still move the tension head towards and away from the racquet when the lockout lever was released. I noticed the lockout lever had been adjusted so that it came out less than an inch away from the catch when Prince calls for it to come out an inch and a quarter away from the catch. I made the adjustment to release an inch and the problem seems to have been resolved but I was curious about where the measurements should be made. I've been measuring from the end of the catch to the nearest part of the lockout lever. The manual isn't very clear about that.

Based on the image should I adjust the lever about a quarter inch further from the catch?

Thanks again for any help. I should probably just leave well enough alone but if we weren't obsessive over our equipment we probably wouldn't be posting here.
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