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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
JRStriker: I've master making this hot sauce. It definitely puts hair on anyone's chest.
3 parts thai hot pepper (I've used a combo of green and red's)
3 parts fresh garlic
1 to 1.5 part rice or white vinegar
1/2 part salt
1/3 part sugar

throw everything in the food processor and blend until fine pieces. Do not make into paste.
I made the fatal mistake of putting my face on top of food processor chimney when I made this. *Did I mention i used to look like Brad Pitt before this accident*

It keeps for almost forever in the fridge due to the salt and vinegar and gets more angry with time.

So far, I've used it as a dipping sauce with soy sauce and chopped up cilantro. It goes well with almost anything you want to hide the taste of. (Chicken, tofu, old shoe, etc etc.)
Thanks for the tip. Sounds tasty.

I've done that blender mistake before when my wife or my mother-in-law make pepper sauce for Ghanian food. Feels like I just got maced. Did I mention I used to look like Denzel?
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