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Well, that seals it, I am going to get a 2nd opinion!

Originally Posted by stapletonj View Post
"However, i have a torn meniscus in my, am thinking I won't use the lessons till after the surgery!"

Hey blakesq., attorney to attorney, dont be so quick to go under the knife for that. I had a torn meniscus about 10 years ago and the local othopod was all "cut cut cut, but you'll have arthritis in 10 years".

i found myself in AL about 2 weeks before the surgery and wen to the clinic in Birmingham of the famed Dr. James Andrews. One of his Dr. minions saw me, took some images, and opined that I didn't need surgery at all.

He took me down in the therapy area (HUGE) which was lined with posters from nobodies like Joe Montana, Shaq, etc., from every sport you could image, all of whivch were signed with "Thanks for saving my career" or the like.

He put me on a glucosime regimen, gave me some exercises to do to strengthen the knee, etc. 10 years later I am running 5K or more 5 times a week and doing tennis drills (Cardiotennis) 2X a week for 2 hours. Little to no knee pain.

Of course, YMMV, and I have no idea of your situation, but I will say, dont let it be a foregone conclusion that if the meniscus is torn you gotta cut.
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