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Default wrist snap continued

This was the last post on the other thread:
"I didn't say anything about flexion or extension. Forgot to mention them.
They are in the mix too.

I didn't say there is 'no order'. The order and degree can be forced intentionally with muscle control or you can force the order with the setup in the takeback and just 'letting it happen in the order you intended ' or you can just let it rip and see what happens however I think most people control what happens with one of the 1st 2 methods.
It depends on the player and the situation.

I'm not a coach and have no experience teaching tennis children but I would suspect there is more of a structured swing plan implemented for them.

You can accomplish the same type of shot many different ways. I can hit a high heavy topspin cc shot several ways. I can use forearm pronation early or late or almost no pronation or utilizing isr for the spin or use a very steep low to high swing with x amount of deviation or a more level swing with y amount of deviation and z amount of pronation or using a pretty locked hitting structure with a ww or with a semi straight arm and wristing it with a whippy type swing etc.
It just depends on how i'm feeling or how i'm hitting that day or how well my legs are moving and how much time i have to set up etc.

I don't think there's a set preferred order. But maybe some coaches on here will tell you otherwise. It's simple and yet complicated which is why many of us spend a lot of time here discussing such things."

I just got back from Christmas vacation, and hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or happy holidays. Since I just got back, I will need to look over the last post again, but I did want to say that when teaching children, there is a structured swing plan but it's broken down into steps. Trying to explain the whole swing in one motion or lecture will get a coach nowhere, so we - take the main points of the swing, give them a catchy name (depending on the age of the student) so they specifically remember to include it in the process, and let the student blend them all together. At first it is robotic since it's a step-by-step process, but it eventually becomes natural because there was an order initially given. If there are pronations and other movements that are certainly always involved in the "correct" way to swing, my mind goes to the step-by-step coaching method that allows a student to understand when they occur.

I am just trying to understand when all of these movements are meant to take place. I understand that unless you are in the same position, time the ball the same, and hit in the same direction all the time, there will be variations in the swing. I know I can't ask someone to break down every type of shot since one can argue that there are infinite shots, but I was just hoping for a generalization.
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