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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
Here in San Diego a 5.0 is a pretty freakin' good player. Yes, a pro would disembowel him, but that doesn't mean he's not a good player. There are not a lot of stroke deficiencies at this level, and the strokes are hard, have spin, and are effective.

If the Mac quote is accurate, then as usual Mac should just stick with hitting the ball. He's so good at that, even in his 50's. And of course he would completely kill any 5.0 player. But that doesn't make them weekend hackers. A 5.0 can beat almost any person that claims to play tennis. John, hit the ball, don't talk.
Was in SD 18 months ago and got to play a set with one of the local 50+ 5.0's and he was solid with classic game style. Fun to hit with and showed a CA 5.0 is not the same as an AR 5.0
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