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Originally Posted by ec51 View Post
I am having a hard time deciding between the older Aero line and the Wilson Blue/White Tour - anyone care to shed some insight?

I have yet to see either bag in person.

I normally carry 3 racquets plus shoes, change of clothes...etc. I also would prefer a bag with at least one insulated pocket. Also, do most players trust the insulated pockets? i.e., does anyone leave their racquets in their car all day in hot weather?

If you want to talk about sheer build quality, the Wilson wins. The Wilson bags feels soft/plush, and in some ways "luxurious". And Wilson has ridiculously smooth zippers. I will also say Wilson is better for organization, with its numerous small pockets. The Wilson is also deceptively large.

The Babolat in comparison feels rough/boxy, overall "cheap feeling". The insulated linings are thin and tear easily. But it beats Wilson by offering unique features, such as 2 insulated racquet compartments, and a portable insulated cooler that can easily fit 4 bottles. The Babolat is horrible for organization. It's essentially a big bag with 4 big pockets. It's also deceptively small. 4 racquets is a stretch for the 12pack.

So it comes down to what you want, overall build quality vs. overall features.

I trust my insulated pockets to a certain degree, but definitely not enough to leave it in my car.
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