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Here is some video I took yesterday. Im on the far side of the court. Im focusing on earlier preparation, a complete swing all the way through the ball, and hitting harder. Ive also switched my racquet to the APD.

Please let me know what you think:
Hi Andre. Nice video. Love a player who hits with a one hander. Nice strokes there, but just a couple comments/questions.

How is the APD for hitting one handed backhands? I've always had more success hitting it with wilson rackets, smaller head sized, head light frames. Just curious because the APD is mainly known for spin and power right? But then it seems that you hit a lot of the shots very flat and barely clearing the net. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think to up your level now, the pace is there so bravo. But gotta "spin for the win" as they say. Try to clear the net by a bit higher while still having the ball penetrate just as deep into the court. The spin will add consistency. Don't get me wrong, I love it when I crank one DTL flat for a winner, but unless your roger federer, under game pressure, that flat shot will get dumped into the net without some more spin.

BTW you speak great English too. You Brasilian? Seems like a beautiful place. Cheers.
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