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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
I like Alice in Chains and while not intending this to sound like a flame (it's not), can you acknowledge that your "Death Ape Disco (New Demo) is a shamelessly blatant rip-off of Alice in Chains' vox??
Oh we love Alice In Chains' harmonies, no doubt about it, we love getting blasted and singing their songs (not good for tennis though!). I'm very much from a choral kinda background, as I read Jerry Cantrell is too, so not only are the influences similar, but I've gravitated towards those kind of harmonies, that's what I like, and that's what I want to hear more of in rock music.

I would strongly say they weren't a *rip-off* though, I think that's definitely a flame in fact, and an unjustified one. We haven't ripped a specific Alice In Chains song, and I can't think of one that has the same melodies. Those harmonies worked for the mood of the song, so that's what we went with. Still, if the harmonies remind you of Chains, awesome, cos we love Chains.
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