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Originally Posted by nikdom View Post
Welcome to these boards!

If you can get past the trolling, name calling and general immaturity that goes on with any online community, there are a lot of genuinely interesting tennis topics and scenarios discussed here. Not to speak of the resident stat gurus who can cull up any sort of information to back up their opinions.

I think mainstream tennis writers/bloggers do skim these boards from time to time to keep a finger on the pulse of tennis fans so to speak.

My only request is that however inconsequential it may seem, if you find some original ideas emanating from these boards that you want to use or elaborate on more professionally, please give some passing credit to TW users. I know it seems like a funny request to credit anonymous avatars on a tennis board, but if you find it useful enough, what's the difference if it comes from Pete Bodo or Jonnny123
Hey Nikdom,

Thanks for the info. I'm going to try to keep up with posts here and participate when I can.

I'm sure I will elaborate on ideas I get from this board (not sure if it will be more professional however!) and I will gladly credit users here. The fans point of view is far more interesting than the journos to me anyway.
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