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Justin, Ill give you honest advice that might seem rude but I promise you I only intend it as helpful since Ive fluctuated in weight quite a bit throughout my 42 years--from being in great shape to being 60 pounds overweight, back to being in great shape, and to the point Im at now where I need to lose about 20.

Dont settle and dont make excuses. You´re too young to not be able to figure out a way to take a better video if what you want is feedback. You´re too young to settle for being a tennis player who loves the game but can´t reach his practical potential because the only wall is "too far" or you dont want to get kicked out of some strip mall or because your partner just likes to hit hard groundstrokes. There are plenty of sites to find tennis partners and plenty of walls everywhere that you can use.

And the weight will always be a struggle but you cant stop trying to get healthy. I know its easier to just improve your technique and beat who you can beat and never push yourself too far out of your comfort zone, but I promise you that if you manage to lose the weight and get healthy it will not only make you love the game even more, but youll see benefits throughout every aspect of your life.

Anyway, tennis is awesome and you´re awesome for loving the game and playing it well. Now be awesomer.
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