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Originally Posted by okaythen View Post
hi guys I can do a kick serve pretty good, I am going to try to do twist serve now but exactly what's the difference between them? toss is the same, you arch your back just like kick serve, grip is continental or backhand grip for more spin. the only difference is it only 8 to 2 oclock for twist? any other differences? thanks guys and you hit and follow through the same way as kick serve right?
IMO you can use kick serve routine but with different grip. When we hit kick serve with continental grip at contact the wrist (flexion/extension) is neutral and racquet string bed is vertical. If we use eastern continental grip the racquet string bed will be closed 45. This would be too much, it should be around 15 - 30.
So, turn the racquet handle 15 - 30 from continental grip in direction of eastern BH grip.
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