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Originally Posted by okaythen View Post
hi guys I can do a kick serve pretty good, I am going to try to do twist serve now but exactly what's the difference between them? toss is the same, you arch your back just like kick serve, grip is continental or backhand grip for more spin. the only difference is it only 8 to 2 oclock for twist? any other differences? thanks guys and you hit and follow through the same way as kick serve right?
To hit a twist make sure you hit the part of the ball that's facing the left side fence (for righty). not the 'back' of the ball. the back of the ball faces the back fence. Throw your weight in the direction you want the twist to go. So if you are serving to ad court and you want it to kick wide then make your weight go in that direction, not in the direction of where it will hit on the court but in the direction of where you want it to kick. so for ex. aim your weight towards the net post. Swing almost directly towards the right side fence parallel to the baseline, not into the court or into the direction of the ball's flight path. That's why the arm ends up like this after a twist:

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