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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
If you want to talk about sheer build quality, the Wilson wins. The Wilson bags feels soft/plush, and in some ways "luxurious". And Wilson has ridiculously smooth zippers. I will also say Wilson is better for organization, with its numerous small pockets. The Wilson is also deceptively large.

The Babolat in comparison feels rough/boxy, overall "cheap feeling". The insulated linings are thin and tear easily. But it beats Wilson by offering unique features, such as 2 insulated racquet compartments, and a portable insulated cooler that can easily fit 4 bottles. The Babolat is horrible for organization. It's essentially a big bag with 4 big pockets. It's also deceptively small. 4 racquets is a stretch for the 12pack.

So it comes down to what you want, overall build quality vs. overall features.

I trust my insulated pockets to a certain degree, but definitely not enough to leave it in my car.
Thank you for the help!

I should have first mentioned I was looking into the 9-packs.

A few more posts until 3,000 btw...!
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