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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
PTFE is used in...

- your computer mouse to make it slide

- in goretex to make your clothing repel water

- In your cookware for non-stick surfaces

- In footware and medical devices to prevent blisters (ie it's rubbed against your flesh)

- On the roof of the metrodome

- etc.

That being said, yeah, I don't think any spray coating is worth the mess or health risks. We don't even use a microwave in our house or teflon cookware for those reasons.

This does raise another question.

When I hit fresh balls with loads of topspin I leave pretty significant contrails of green fuzz. I've often wondered if those particals are a threat.

Anyway, I won't be proceeding with this. Doesn't make sense.

However, given the amount of PTFE we're talking about compared to the other hazards we face on a daily basis (eg emissions from coal plants) I truly doubt there's a health risk anywhere close to these other threats.

Heck, wine contains a known poison (alcohol) which many of us enjoy!
And none of these are they in a aerosol form where the particles can easily reach your lungs.

I personally use silicone it isnt messy at all and it works best after a fresh string bed. You can reapply I guess but it helps the strings snap back into place and prevent premature notching.
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