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I was also Holy Maui Wowie at first.
I went to about 5 shops that sell Oakley and Maui jim. Suprisingly all 5 shops recommend Maui Jim.

This is what they said:
-MJ has better lens
-MJ frame is lighter but of course less impact resistant

Last time I got an Oakley, the paint peel off after sometimes, I think because of the sun and salt water/sweat.
I hope MJ will do better with saltwater (According to the website).

Oakley is about $260 for polarize lens, I can get MJ around $300 so it's $40 extra only (Don't refer to the website price, too expensive).

Allright, back to the main topic. Anyone can tell me what it the different between Maui Pure and Maui evolution? Any review?

thanks again
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