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Originally Posted by tacou View Post
A) all the way. Like Roddick always said, if you decide to play you are 100%.
Roddick was just talking big. He wasn't nearly as idealistic during press conferences after losing matches in which he played like crap. It is such a nonsensical statement. Tennis is a physical sport, if you are running a fever and lose 6-1 6-0, it is perfectly reasonable to say that your fever prevented you from playing your best. In 2007, Roddick lost to Dancevic at Indianapolis and claimed that he had a stomach bug caused from a late night fast food run.While it was a really stupid decision by Roddick, there is no doubt that he was way below 100% during that match. He was puking during the changeovers. You have to be a seriously obtuse person to claim that Roddick was 100% just because he showed up to play.

Most of the time, the pros get bashed for honesty. People bashed Djokovic after he claimed that his right eye was badly irritated by a moving contact lense in his match again Nadal (WTF 2010). It was easy for people on this forum to bash players, but those people should go out and try playing tennis with a contact lense that is sliding back and forth and then see how close to "100%" their tennis games were.
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