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Originally Posted by Sticklacer View Post
At his peak, he used 2 overgrips over the bare handle (ie, no leather). The first was always the salmon color gripsy -- then a blue one on top. Odd little superstition he had I guess. The brand was def Babolat "gripsy", then VS grip later on.
Yeah, That's interesting. He and Guga both did that. I tried it out before I knew that some pros have done it, back when I first got my Radical (two tournas), but I didn't care for the uneven feel. Nowadays it's just the Leather with minimal overlap and the tourna sliding into the gaps. Have always liked VS overgrips, but didn't like the finishing tape that they came with. Might give them another try, and just get a few different grips out there, like Supergrap (loved that, never picked up another 30 pack though).
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