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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Ehh... If Nadal is healthy he can take out Fed and Murray no problem. Nole will present more of a problem but thats also dependent on his level too. Nole hasn't been able to duplicate his 2.0 2011 form. A form which he will be dependent upon to beat a healthy Nadal.. When Nole's level dropped, Nadal beat him 3 times in a row (should have been 4 if not for his choke in Australia this year)
Nadal needs 5 sets to take out Federer off clay, barring their AO 2012 meeting which easily could've gone to 5 sets. It's not a stroll in the park by any means. And Murray is a completely different player to the corpse Nadal beat up at the 2011 USO. You're going to see that the next time they meet on hardcourts. Murray stomped him in their last meeting. Nadal took 4 points in that final set.
Del Potro is also going to provide a very stern challenge now that he's regained his form. Not fully but he's getting there.
Nadal also didn't choke AO 2012. He was lucky even to take the match to a 5th set. He was down 3-4 and 0-40 in the 4th set. It was a miracle he even managed to get it to 5 sets which showed his warrior mentality. Regardless Djokovic still broke his serve twice back despite being 2-4 down in the 5th and shattered Nadal's dreams yet again.
Nadal got Djokovic on clay. Great for him. But the season includes hardcourts and grass. And Nadal's grass form is seriously beginning to suffer much like it did Federer when Federer got older. Nadal's hardcourt talents are respectable but he hasn't won a Masters since 2009 Indian Wells. Djokovic is racking up hardcourt Masters titles which shows the difference in hardcourt talent between the two. Clay is Nadal's domain but as history proves, Nadal has yet to defend a single title off clay in his 10 year career. Djokovic's normal level is still good enough to wipe out Nadal on hardcourts. AO is the proof. Djokovic had 1 day rest and was tired. Nadal had 2 days rest and was extremely determined. Nadal won the first set and then got stomped in the next 2. His 4th set was a miraculous display of courage but again, he couldn't sustain it in the 5th and Djokovic took him out. Same thing will happen off clay.

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