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Originally Posted by 10istalent View Post
I noticed on Tennis Recruiting that a 5 star, listed on their tr profile as a junior graduating 2014 has committed to a great school. This person is in fact a senior and is rightfully graduating 2013 and going to that school. Does it matter to coaches if you lie about your graduating year? There are about 10 kids I know in our section in my daughters age group that have lied about their grade. Do their stars go up? Is this why they do it?
Is it possible that the year of graduation shown on TRN is only an estimate. The coach should know her/his actual year of graduation and should have already seen her/him in action. I think the ranking would go up significantly if it's a boy who repeats 8th grade. The ranking would not go up as much (but would still go up) for a girl repeating the 8th grade. Thus, by not updating the actual graduation year (they may not have actually lied) this kid would have a higher TRN ranking and would get more coaches' attention. BTW, only very few juniors, most likely high blue chips, have verbally committed to college.
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