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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Very well said. Wonder if the cancer rates reflect all the toxins in our environment - but that's another discussion...
The WSJ once ran a piece by a doctor and her husband. They did everyrhing possible to protect their newborn from environmental toxins during her first year of life. Then they ran blood tests and we're shocked to learn that their baby's blood was a chemical soup no better than their own. They avoiding plastics, used cotton clothing, ate organics, etc. it just didn't matte.

My dad died this week at age 79. He drank and smoked until his late 40s/early 50s. My mom died when she was in her 40s and lived the same way (which means I "smoked" their second had smoke until I left for college but have never smoked nor been drunk nor taken any illicit drugs...I don't even like OTC or prescribed drugs). Sometimes it's a crapshoot no matter what you best you stack the odds in your favor by eating right and working out.
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