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Nope... Don't have arm pain (play golf everyday and gym every other) and that's where I like my polys. There are plenty of high level and professional players who string polys in the 50's and soft Co-polys? 46 is completely unnecessary unless that is your preference. You have your gut at 50, some like the 60's Everyone has their preference. There's also plenty of science that says a stiffer string bed flattens the ball out more, imparting more spin and because there's more ball surface area on the string bed.

But maybe I'll see. Like I said I prefer my polys high. I like muscling the ball into the court and taking a nice big cut. full beds of focus hex for me at 46 was god awful. 54 and normal tension drop is my limit. I have a full bed of lux adren at 56 and Feel like I could have went a tad tighter.

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