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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
THUNDERVOLLEY is probably right to be recognized as the GOAT over the current GOAT Steffi Graf, Serena needs the Grand Slam in a Calendar year. However with a 2nd French and 20 slams she could move to 2nd place behind only Graf, and ahead of all of Navratilova, Evert, and Court IMO. Navratilova and Evert of course failed to win the Grand Slam as well, and while Court did manage the Grand Slam she also has a hugely inflated # of Australian Opens, and a relatively mediocre Wimbledon record considering she was supposed to be a grass court player.
I don't think Serena necessarily needs a Grand Slam in a year. If she gets more majors outright than Graf, by all means she's the GOAT. If she gets close (say 1-2) many will likely think her power game (which blows opponents off the court) would give trouble even to Graf and Serena could be recognized as the ultimate female player. Still though, she needs to start racking them up.
The tour needs Del Potro to be back and playing healthy
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