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Originally Posted by Smasher08 View Post
Um . . . that's not how spin is imparted. Spin is imparted by your mains deflecting upon impact, sliding along your crosses, and then snapping back. That snap back is vital, and gut mains are used because they're the most elastic material available. Accordingly, anything that reduces the friction between the mains and crosses -- such as thinner gauges or looser tensions -- ought to facilitate more spin.

But give it a whirl and see how you feel.
I know its imparted that way therefore the more surface area on the balls that comes into contact with the mains the more that effect occurs. It's like pocketing. Yadda yadda I know that stringing poly high supposedly reduces its elasticity quicker but I string regurally and I have just a long stroke. poly at low tensions just feels uncontrollable to me. I have to shorten my swing to much and apply more topspin on the ball. I prefer to hit a heavy ball with mod spin. Then have access to that easy flat ball.
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