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Ok, just got done playing with it for about 5 days. All I can say is WOW! I'm getting them when they come out.

I have been using the regular Tour Bite in 18G in my IG Prestige MP and occasionally used the 17G but tended to gravitate towards the 18 more because I like my racquets more "head light".

When I first strung up the racquet with Tour Bite Soft, Solinco wasn't lying when they said it was soft. It was freaken soft compared to the regular Tour Bite. It was so soft that when I clamped it on the main and pulled the string it moved out of the clamp fraying the strings a little bit! So I put some paper in between the clamp and the string to keep it steady when I'm pulling so that solved that problem. If I had to compare the softness of Tour Bite Soft to another string on the market it would be a hybrid of X-1 Biphase and BHB7.

Tour Bite Soft's texture wasn't as hard as the regular Tour Bite but rather more "round" (probably due to the softness of the string). But what amazes me is that it has the same (if not more) SPIN than the regular Tour Bite! The spin was freaken amazing! Combine that with the feel of the strings it was a clear winner. The regular tour bite had that "dead" feeling that wasn't bothersome to me but the Tour Bite Soft, you can really feel the ball and it has a lot of pop to it.

The tension maintenance on Tour Bite Soft is AMAZING! Granted I'm used to using Tour Bite in 18G and using Tour Bite Soft 17G obviously has better tension maintenance but the strings don't move at all compared to when I was using the 17G Tour Bite. The Tour Bite Soft hasn't gone dead yet and it's still going strong, I'll update this when it goes dead and hopefully I can still manage it.

Overall I love these strings! I can't wait for Solinco to release them, it's like a combination of the regular Tour Bite but with the softness of X-1 Biphase (a little over exaggerating on the softness but it's around there). So for those of you who are looking for spin without sacrificing feel, Tour Bite Soft is the clear winner! I used Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 for awhile now and I would say Tour Bite Soft is somewhat similar to it but it has WAY more spin and the tension maintenance on Tour Bite Soft is WAY MORE superior than that of Big Hitter Black 7. The feel is about the same (give or take). Really looking forward to the release of these strings!
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