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If you are not careful, you will define the greatness of the Connors two-hander right out of this thread. That infamous flat penetrating stroke we all talk about is the tip of the iceburg. Connors did EVERYTHING with both those hands on that racket and did things no one else could. The two handed slice was piercing, the topspin lob was second to none, the two handed volley, half-volley and angle overhead were as good as such shots get, he developed this soft topspin sharp angle pass late in his career I have never seen done so well. Hell, he actually had a two handed sidespin shot that slithered away. His touch on that wing was unparalleled. The bread & butter stroke was the equal of Borg, Wilander or Agassi . It traded their greater margin for error for a more offensive shot. It was the variety he had at the back and from the net, that made his two hander better than than anyones

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