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dirty diaper is to make sure you snap your wrist right?

toss is the same as kick serve right? just over and a little behind your head. and you need to arch your back so you can see the ball. as you arch your back you bend your knees as well.

hmm the 15 - 30 I didn't know about that, I will pay attention to that the next time I play. I am not sure but I think naturally your racquet face will be vertical with continental and 15 - 30 with backhand grip?

So not just 8 to 2 o'clock, you also want to kinda hit the left side of the clock hence the left side of the ball? I will make a note for that too.

Man I googled twist serve, read several links. Found out the proper name is american twist serve, googled that again and read several links again. also watched youtube videos up to page 4 cause there ain't many for twist serves, mostly for kick serves. I picked up a thing or two from EACH place but it took a long time. I have a good knowledge of kick serve and took many tennis lessons when I was younger so I was able to tell which info was right and wrong. but it took awhile, now if later I want to learn a new thing what's the best and quickest way for all the correct and full info?

So guys I can do pretty good kick serve, how long until I can do a decent to good twist serve? like how many hours of practicing, or weeks etc. thanks
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