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it's embarrassing but it's an involuntary action,and the idea that Fed "stole" nadal's moment is pathetic rubbish from fedhaters. Notice that Federer fans don't criticise Murray for crying on Fed's win TWICE. What did Nadaldo when Federer cried? He comforted him because he is a decent human being who feels for someone else rather than use it against him. I would feel bad for Nadal if he cried at a loss.He did cry at Wimbledon 2007, the only difference was he did it backstage. But he knew how Federer felt. Also Federer has to stand up there and be articulate and give a long speech about why he lost etc, Nadal can get away with saying a few words in English and getting away.
All losers have to face the same thing after a final's match, waiting for the stage to be prepped in order for the trophies to be awarded. Nadal was gracious about it, but it's not like that last set was even close. I don't hate Fed, but as I said it's not one of his finer moments, and he was aware that his crying was hijacking Nadal's moment, he mentioned it.

As far as Nadal being nervous, he is always in a lose lose with the haters. Something wrong with him if he says he's nervous, or if he says he's ready but hasn't played in earlier tournaments. The day Nadal retires, is the day this place loses tons to discuss in hating on Rafa.

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