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Default String set up in new sticks

Hi guys,

I have just purchased new sticks. Two Donnay Platinum 99's. They have an 18x19 string pattern. I have been playing with a 16x18 pattern for the last 3 or so years. My setup with the 16x18 have been Kirschbaum Pro Line 11, 18g poly in the mains and Gamma Pro 16 multi in the crosses. The demos I tried, had a full multi setup. I had great feel and control with this setup, however I generally prefer a hybred. I would like to use multi mains and poly crosses if I can get some durability. I really preferred this in my current sticks, however the durability using this setup was terrible. I had to settle on poly mains and multi crosses to get any acceptable durability. I have however used this extensively with good results. I was wondering what you all use in your 18x19 sticks, and do you think I could get some durability with multi mains and poly crosses, with my new dense 18x19 pattern sticks. I have always really preferred this setup. Thanks for your input.
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