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Originally Posted by BlueB View Post
Damn, now I have to go play with the bloody thing!
Did it! Played a pro-set tonight and won by usual margin with that opponent.
I used it with some ancient syn gut that was already in and it still played sweet. It deserves another trial with better strings, though.
Groundies are great when positioned right. Hits a bit flatter, which was expected. However, I managed to hit few very bouncy top spins, don't even know how... It was pretty easy to play an emergency backhand slice when not in position for a flat or spinny one. Also shanked few backhands...
Voleys were awsome. Directional control too. Some dropshots sailed a bit longer then intended.
Serving was absolute b!tch... Very hard, especially the topspin ones. The ones that I did strike right, felt great, though.
Feel is very flexy and plush, BUT, arm didn't like it much!? No problems with shoulder or wrist, that I sometimes get from racquets that are too heavy for me, but elbow...

Conclusion: From my goldy-oldies, I like PT280 and POG OS better. This is just as nice as Spectum Comp or POG M.
I think if I ditched the leather for a much lighter grip (maybe an overgrip only) and strung it with gut/poly, I'd like it even more.
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